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Elizabeth R Barnett Skidmore was my several-times-great grandmother. I wish I could have known her, and I’ve spent so much time and effort researching her life that I feel as if I almost do, anyway. She fascinates me, and there are many things I would like to ask her about her life and experiences. But what I’d like most to ask her is: “What on earth was your maiden name?”

This site is organised into two main sections. The first outlines the steps taken by myself and a fellow descendant of Elizabeth’s to solve the mystery of her parentage almost 200 years after her birth. The second section contains supplemental information about some of the people central to Elizabeth’s life. These include members of the Barnett, Skidmore, Smoot, and McMillan families.*

Most of these families seemed to be part of a group of several families who migrated, more or less together, across the southern United States in the first half of the 19th century. They lived in northern Alabama in the 1820s, moved to west-central Tennessee in the early 1830s, and arrived in Sevier County, Arkansas, sometime in the late 1830s or early 1840s, after a brief sojourn into Mississippi along the way. (See supplemental page From Alabama to Arkansas.)

The same surnames appear, especially those of Barnett & McMillan, linked from location to location, and from generation to generation, through marriage, church, and legal documentation. We believe this linkage provides several clues to the secret of Elizabeth R’s maiden name. Although there is still much to discover, we would like to share what has been found so far, and we welcome your input.

*There is also a page containing the names of many other people who appear in an 1827 probate file from Madison County, Alabama. This information is presented in the hope that it may prove useful to other people who are researching ancestors who lived in that area.

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References for the statements made on this site can be found at http://www.cornbread.myzen.co.uk/elizabeth_r_barnett_skidmore/references.html